Mosa- cream capsules - nitrous oxide (50 pieces)

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Whipped cream patterns from Mosa

Looking for whipped cream cartridges of very high quality? Mosa has been producing universal cartridges for many years, which are easy to use with a whipped cream sprayer or cracker. In our webshop the Mosa whipped cream cartridges are packed per 50. For the large-scale users it is also possible to order 12 boxes of 50 at a time! With 600 whipped cream cartridges you should have a good time. Right?


What are N2O capsules used for in particular?

N2O is the chemical name for nitric oxide. N2O capsules are also known as whipped cream cartridges. Obviously, N2O capsules are used to make beautiful creations with whipped cream. Besides that N2O is also used as an anesthetic. To this day N2O is used during operations, births and dental treatments. N2O is also popular among recreational users. They inhale the gas through a balloon.


The alternative to N2O capsules

The N2O capsules are for most people 'old and trusted'. However, there are now alternatives on the market that are easier to use. Although the quality of capsules is good, they are often cumbersome. During the filling process you are constantly replacing the cartridges in the syringe or cracker. That's why we also sell disposable laughing gas bottles. These are cylindrical bottles containing between 580 and 1100 grams of N2O. These bottles allow you to keep filling them, unlike cartridges.


What is Spassgas?

For the non-German speakers among us it might be handy to give a small explanation of our name. It is clear that we are a webshop with all the necessities for a good time. Therefore we did not have to think long about our name. "Spass" is literally translated as "fun". Since having fun with our products is self-evident, we found this name very fitting! Can we also delight you with some 'fun' gas? We deliver our products throughout almost all of Europe!


The advantages of Mosa & Spassgas cartridges

  • Always checked and sealed;
  • Never pay too much with our highly competitive prices;
  • Delivery through almost the whole of Europe;
  • To be used with the usual crackers and whipped cream syringes;
  • Fast & discrete delivery.


Alternatives for Mosa whipped cream cartridges

The choice for Mosa is quickly made, because these whipped cream cartridges have a very good reputation. Although we can confirm this, we would like to suggest a few other alternatives. As just mentioned, disposable laughing gas bottles might be a better alternative for you. The most affordable and popular brand of these is

Exotic Whip. If you prefer the familiar whipped cream cartridges, we see that Spark Whip is the most popular. But make your choice what you think you are going to enjoy the most!

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