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Creating magical moments with Magic Whip laughing gas

The name Magic Whip perfectly captures the essence of their products. Because thanks to the pure N2O from Magic Whip, wonderful creations and moments can be created. You could almost say that the laughing gas bottles are magic. The design of the bottle also plays a major role in this. Nitrous oxide can also be packed in whipped cream cartridges or cumbersome gas tanks. Magic Whip's disposable nitrous oxide bottles are anything but cumbersome, but they do have all the features you need to keep on popping! Constantly changing cartridges and lugging around gas tanks is therefore a thing of the past.


Why you should always choose a Magic Whip disposable bottle from now on!

Nitrous oxide is very popular and used by many people. Think for example of the hospitality industry, dentists and even during births. There are countless occasions when a handy bottle is much more practical than whipped cream cartridges or a gas tank. Especially since the Magic Whip disposable bottle contains very high quality nitrous oxide. The bottle is also equipped with a user-friendly filler cap. This one-click system is so easy it makes for a fun time. Not only our products try to make it as pleasant as possible for you. We also do everything we can. That is why we make sure you get the result you want in the blink of an eye. Besides the bottle, you hardly need anything else! Ideal right?


The disposable nitrous oxide bottle produced with passion in Italy

You can call it chic, like: Designed in Amsterdam and produced in Italy. But we just call it by its name. Magic Whip is indeed a brand from Amsterdam, but the production process takes place in Italy. This is a specialist family business that has over 50 years of experience in the production of gas cylinders. Besides the excellent knowledge they use first class stainless steel.


We haven't introduced ourselves yet. Spassgas please!

Spass" means "fun" in German. This is also how we see our products. The gas in our disposable bottles is N2O or nitrous oxide. But it's better to just call it 'Spassgas'. Every time, we provide it for almost the whole of Europe. Our range also includes only the best brands. On top of that, our prices are always competitive. In short; Spassgas is the webshop of Europe when it comes to laughing gas.


Decide who you want to share your 'Spass' with

Sometimes having a pleasant moment is best on your own. Another time in a whole group. That's why it's so nice to decide for yourself when and with whom you share your Spassgas. We fully understand that and therefore we always send our packages anonymously and discreetly. No boxes filled with advertising, but just an inconspicuous package sent completely anonymously. So that you can choose your own moment!


The advantages of Magic Whip in brief

  • High quality
  • Available in two variants, namely 580 grams and 1100 grams.
  • Guarantee of a smooth filling process
  • Contains no deposit
  • 580 grams is equivalent to approximately 70 cartridges of whipped cream
  • 1100 grams is equivalent to approx. 130 cartridges

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