Fastgas - nitrous oxide disposable bottle- 640 grams

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Enjoy fully and quickly with the N2O bottles of Fast-gas

Fast-Gas is the brand if you want to have a fun and creative moment quickly. The disposable N2O bottles of this brand are fully designed to perform. Not only in terms of speed, but also in terms of quality and safety. Fast-Gas is known as a very solid brand that complies with the European rules and regulations at all times. Thus, the cylindrical bottles are made of high quality stainless steel and pressure tested at 165 bar.


The distinctive character of Fast-Gas

Working with gas cylinders that can be subject to considerable pressure must be done safely. Therefore Fast-Gas has set itself the goal to design an N2O cylinder that meets all the needs and requirements that users may have.


A user-friendly design, so that refilling can be done even faster!

First of all, we looked at the user-friendliness of the traditional gas tanks and whipped cream cartridges. There were many improvements to be made. Thus, the disposable N2O bottle with free dosage piece has been designed. This design puts an end to the endless changing of small whipped cream cartridges. Refilling is now done in a jiffy. This ensures that the efficiency during refilling has increased enormously. This allows you to only focus on what is important, namely refilling quickly!


Fast-Gas: 'With speed comes safe usage'.

Fast-Gas has developed a system that anyone can work with. Very user-friendly of course, but this also ensures safe use. You want to enjoy your creation without having to worry about other things. Therefore Fast-gas has developed a disposable N2O bottle that is safe to use in any situation.


The advantages of Fast-gas that have not been mentioned yet!

Most of the advantages of the Fast-gas N2O bottles have already been mentioned. Yet it does not stop here. Nitrous oxide disposable bottles contain no deposit. This allows you to put the bottles neatly in the garbage, so they can be recycled! Good for you, because collecting cartridges is nobody's hobby. In addition, it is also better for the environment. Well done!


Order only the best quality N2O at Spassgas!

Just like Fast-Gas, we, Spassgas, have set ourselves goals. One of them is to supply the European market with only the best quality N2O. We do this by critically selecting and checking our supply. Therefore you now have the choice of three premium N2O disposable bottles. One is this bottle of Fast-Gas, but we also sell N2O bottles from Magic Whip and Exotic-Whip. Our full range is available throughout almost all of Europe. We always guarantee a competitive price!


Enjoy in anonymity thanks to our discretion.

It goes without saying for us that the packaging materials we use are not provided with brand stickers. Also the sending of our parcels is always completely anonymous. In this way we guarantee the privacy of our customers throughout Europe.

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