Exotic-Whip - disposable nitrous oxide bottle - 2000 grams

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exotic whip nitrous oxide; 2000 grams of pure pleasure!

Exotic Whip is one of our carefully selected brands in the disposable nitrous oxide cylinder category. Disposable nitrous oxide cylinders have many advantages. This includes:

  1. Pay no deposit
  2. Easy to carry
  3. Contains no chemical flavors
  4. Equipped with a user-friendly one-click system (to make the filling process even smoother)

The new Exotic Whip is a 2000g disposable N2O canister. A full jar holds the equivalent of over 260 traditional cream chargers. With only one container and the simple one-click nozzle system, you save yourself the trouble of unscrewing them all with one hand.

However, Exotic Whip is not only characterized by its quantity. The quality of the N2O gas is unparalleled. Thanks to a unique manufacturing process, the taste is incomparable. By this we mean that the nitrous oxide is really pure and leaves no chemical taste traces!

Then why do people often choose Exotic Whip's nitrous oxide cylinders?

Actually, there is nothing to complain about with Exotic Whip's nitrous oxide cylinders. The gas is of the highest quality and will surprise you with its taste. In addition, the filling process is so smooth that the 10% more content is no superfluous luxury! No kidding, if you choose Exotic Whip's nitrous oxide, you won't be disappointed.

Buy nitrous oxide bottles at Spassgas!

For those who don't know us yet: We are fun gas! Europe's largest web shop in the field of premium nitrous oxide brands. With us you will find the best brands in one place.  After covering a large part of Western Europe with brands such as Exotic Whip.

Fast-Gas & Magic Whip. We have decided to expand so that almost all of Europe can enjoy the wonderful creations from our disposable nitrous oxide cylinders.

The benefits of ordering nitrous oxide from Fungas

The list below will give you a better idea of our business!

  • We always send our packages discreetly and anonymously
  • Fast shipping all over Europe > ordered before 13:00, shipped the same day!
  • Optimal customer care for an optimal customer experience
  • Secure Payments
  • Guarantee of the best quality thanks to structural batch controls
  • Europe's best nitrous oxide brands in one place

Have you tried not just one brand of nitrous oxide, but all three top brands?

So that you are not spoiled for choice, we have put together a nitrous oxide package with the three best disposable nitrous oxide cylinders in Europe. Difficult to choose? Try all three and you'll know exactly which brand is your favorite! Maybe you're not the type for small jobs. Don't worry, you can also buy 24 pieces of the Exotic Whip 640 Gramm with us to order!

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