You hear a lot about it these days: nitrogen. It's a gas that you can't smell or see, but it's all around us. Almost 80% of the air we breathe is made up of this gas. Its name varies widely and is also referred to as nitric protoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen pentoxide or nitric oxide. Oxides can be emitted from cars, factories and animal husbandry. However, nitrogen oxides are also used for something else, namely in the impact cartridges of an impact machine.

What is the difference between all nitrogen names

Chemically denoted by the letter N, nitrogen can mix with oxygen, denoted by the letter O. The compound between the two is called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide (NO) consists of a single molecule of nitrogen and a single molecule of oxygen. Nitrogen dioxide is known as NO2, nitrogen trioxide as NO3 and nitrogen pentoxide as NO5. Nitrogen protoxide is a gas composed of two molecules of nitrogen and one molecule of oxygen called N2O. N2O is popularly known as laughing gas known and is also used in whipped cream cartridges.

Why do you need an N2O capsule to use a whipping machine?

In order to get the whipped cream out of a whipped cream aerosol, pressure has to be applied to force it out of the whipped cream aerosol, so to speak. Thanks to an N2O capsule, this pressure can be generated in a whipped cream machine. The pod is placed in the cartridge holder and when the whipping syringe is squeezed, the gas mixes with the whipped cream. So nitrogen oxides are used to spray the whipped cream from the whipped cream aerosol. So these oxides are good for something!

What else is N2O used for?

In addition to being useful in the flogging machine, nitrogen is also used in the operating room and to remove warts. Plus, there's such a thing as nitrogen fun. The gas is not only used for utilitarian purposes, nitrogen fun is very popular with party-goers. Breathing this gas can be a lot of fun and is practically harmless.

What is the difference between the nitrogen for operation and the nitrogen for fun?

However, there is a difference between the two uses of this substance. In surgery and wart removal, the nitrogen is mixed with oxygen, which gives it a different function. Pure nitrogen is often inhaled via balloons. The contents are not mixed with oxygen and often give great pleasure. The effects last for a few seconds to a few minutes. A N2O capsule in a whipping machine is the exact same substance used to enjoy nitrogen. One of our most well-known brands is the Exotic Whip, which you can try here!


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