Nitrous oxide is used in the food industry as a mixing and foaming agent (E942) in the manufacture of whipped cream and in the automotive industry as a fuel booster. It is also known as the celestial gas balloon and is used in the Obstetrics, dentistry, emergency medicine and anesthesia deployed, where its analgesic and anesthetic properties are used. laughing gas however, it was used as a recreational drug long before it was used medicinally. Joseph Priestly was credited with first synthesizing the gas in 1772, and towards the end of the 18th century, due to its euphoric and relaxing properties, the gas became a popular part of British high society parties in the early 19th century, leading chemist Humphrey Davy to caused the term "laughing gas" to shape.

whipped cream

When whipping the cream is nitrous oxide essential part. The main job of the gas is to propel the cream and push it out of the can. It also prevents the cream from turning sour over time. It not only serves as a leavening agent to get the cream out of the container, but also as a preservative, preventing the cream from going rancid.

The usage of nitrous oxide for whipped cream is related to its chemical interaction with the fat molecules in the cream. The gas is soluble in fats and oils, which coupled with the fact that N2O is a condensable gas, makes it an ideal leavening agent for whipped cream. The more common name for N2O when used by restaurateurs is E942, food grade.

resurgence of laughing gas

Although the routine use of laughing gas in anesthesia is declining internationally, has the use of Balloons with the heavenly Recreational use of gas has recently increased again. It is now ubiquitous at festivals and university parties. The product is available free of charge in restaurants, street vendors and even home delivery services via the Internet or in mobile vans that are used for laughing gas advertise. For recreational use, N2O is typically sold in pre-filled carboys (at the point of use) or in small pressurized metal canisters for the food industry. The pressurized gas is filled into the balloons with the help of a charger or a device for making whipped cream. Once a user inhales from a balloon, the partial pressure of N2O increases in the lungs and then in the bloodstream, causing the desired neurological effects.

Recreational use of nitrous oxide

 Nitrous oxide fulfills many of the desirable properties of an ideal food processing agent as it is non-flammable, bacteriostatic, colorless, tasteless and odorless. It also has characteristics that attract recreational users. It's legal, cheap, readily available, and undetectable by routine testing. It acts very quickly, such that the physiological effects (behavioural disinhibition, analgesia, and euphoria) set in within seconds of inhaling the gas. The rapid action of sky gas balloons and the lack of a hangover effect ensure the user can safely resume normal activities within a short time of exposure. Would you like to try them all? Buy the trial pack here!



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